1. What is BuildEye?

BuildEye is a user-friendly, cloud-based, planning and communication platform, specially designed for the construction industry.

2. Where can I use BuildEye?

BuildEye can be used via this link on your desktop, laptop or smartphone and tablet. Because of this you are always aware of the latest planning and all data of the construction project.

3. How do I download BuildEye?

Currently there is no Android or iOS application available yet. You can use BuildEye on your smartphone by surfing to app.build-eye.com. We encourage you to add this website to your home screen.

4. Are my details properly secured?

Our servers are protected with the most modern and up-to-date security software, making your data absolutely safe. What we recommend is to use a strong password and not share it with anyone else. If you do not do this, it is still very easy for hackers to guess your password.

5. What is a milestone? And what is it for?

What is a milestone precisely? A milestone is a grouping of different tasks. For example “Interior carpentry” under which various tasks are located. But if you decide to make only one task from “Interior carpentry”, you can work with a single milestone, which is called “Delivery” for example.

6. A blueprint, wherefore is it used?

A blueprint within BuildEye is a project of which you can easily copy other projects. Creating a blueprint is very simple: you start a new project and choose “Make a blueprint for other projects”. Once you have created a blueprint, you can easily make a copy of that blueprint by selecting the blueprint name at the start of a new project.

7. What exactly do I do with BuildEye as an architect / project manager?

After you have created a project, you keep the complete schedule up to date on the BuildEye platform. You can change this continuously and these changes are immediately visible to other parties, which you add yourself. In addition, you can send documents such as plans in a simple way and add photos to give feedback on the performed tasks. This ensures that you avoid an overfilled mailbox and time-consuming calls, thanks to the chat application.

8. What exactly do I do with BuildEye as a specialist or subcontractor?

You have your planning constantly in your pocket and you are always aware of the latest changes. Communicate easily with customers and clients via the chat application and send invoices or other documents to both. This means you lose less time by calling around or answering mails. When you mark your task as complete, the other parties are automatically notified, so that you do not have to ask any more difficult questions whether something has already been completed or not.

9. What exactly do I do with BuildEye as a home owner?

You can follow your construction project closely by looking at the planning, giving feedback on the uploaded photos and by simply communicating with the parties involved via the chat application. You can even link files to tasks via BuildEye, so that you can easily submit choices such as tiles, windows & doors, etc.

10. Which phases does BuildEye have and do I pay for them?

There are 5 phases; planning, active, pre-delivery, final delivery, archive. You only pay in the active phase.

Planning: You can prepare a project at this stage. You can create tasks there, invite contacts, build up the schedule. This is certainly useful when a project has not yet been assigned or has not yet started. However, it is not yet possible to communicate and you can’t upload files. You pay nothing for this.

Active: You can now do everything: plan, communicate, share and change. You now pay a monthly price per activated project.

Pre delivery: You can no longer change anything in the planning nor share in the tasks of the Active phase. You can only consult. A new task is automatically started up with the permanent title “aftercare” in which you can still share and communicate and in which all the contacts take part. You pay nothing more.

Final delivery: All tasks are closed and can only be consulted by the manager of the project. A closing document is created (pdf and csv) and all uploaded files can be stored in a zip-file.

Archive: The project is removed from the system and stored safely in our data center. It can only be called up after a specific request and for a small fee. A project that has been put in ‘Archive’ once can no longer be edited.

11. What are the payment options for BuildEye?

Payment to BuildEye is per month, for just the active projects. Each month you will receive an invoice via email with the request to pay. We take the average number of projects that are active during a month, this way you get a real invoice based on the projects that are actually in progress.